Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The birth of a new painting - Truth

Darkness into the light.

TRUTH. The unlimited force within us that will set you free and bring us closer. Freedom that comes from within.

Where is your own Truth hiding? Negative feelings?

Allow ~ Feel your body. He is intelligent.


Your True Self, is a beautiful Being of light and Love.

This is your TRUTH.

Here is a forgiveness prayer, PDF file, from Mirabai Devi.

Here is a powerful prayer from Howard Wills:

>> Prayer for all Races, All Nations and All Humanity, The Earth and All Life <<
". . . We do forgive and
release each other
and all life
completely and totally . . .
Thank you Divine Mother

. . . Help us have reverence
and respect for all life
and to realize our responsibilities
to each other
to ourselves
to the earth
and to all life
in the creation of peace and harmony
for all life during our lives

Help us Divine Mother,
to attune our Awareness
our intelligence
and our actions to the inner
voice of Goodness
love and TRUTH

Now and Forever
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you"

Music from James Twyman and Jim Wilson. The children of God.
Release and let go.

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