Sunday, 3 April 2016

Healing energies and last quarter ending cycle

Hello dear one!

An ending cycle and a new one to start. That feels exciting!
This last quarter has brought fullness of great blessings. Releasing and healing the old. I have felt a clearing in a deep cellular level.

The Mother archetype came up this time and it left me with deep flow of Love and gratitude.
Feeling a deeper connection within myself, with loved ones and with Mother Earth.

A new way of being wants to be integrated within me.
I allow and I am ready for completion.

Sending tons of LOVE.

Bringing out the wild women. Releasing!

I AM pure Bliss.

Video by Artist Maria Celeste Garcia.
"Healing Tears of the Infinite Mother."

". . . An Ocean of Love From the Womb of the Infinite Cleanses,
Renews, Rejuvenates, Rehabilitates, Regenerates and Heals
Towards Wholeness of Being and Reunion
with Source as it was at the Beginning, Is Now
And Ever Shall Be . . ."

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring Equinox, Full Moon and Eclipse energies within me

Hello dear one.
Spring Equinox, Full Moon and Eclipse energies beautifully felt.
What a powerful time.

Happy Spring.
"Everything - but everything - on Earth, every blade of grass,
every insect, has been created for Man"
- Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars.

I have been invited to experience a new way to navigate.

. . . that is ENERGY, Synchronicity from another perspective.

I felt so pregnant.

As I have been exploring on my planner this past month, I really couldn't handle anymore working the same way.
The Gregorian calendar wasn't in alignment with me any longer.
A new way of working with the planner has been born.

I am bringing the moon calendar and my menstrual cycle together.
It just look so simple now. I am starting to feel more into a state of flow.
I am so excited to keep exploring and taping into it.

It feels like giving up layers . . .
So closely Divine.

On my planner.

Full Moon Energies has brought into my awareness things I couldn't see before or maybe they were not so clear.

The inner child was screaming. Things that has been so deeply rooted within myself were strongly felt and coming into the light. Those things pull you back and don't let you continue on your path clearly. You keep doing the same things over and over without knowing why and they bring you frustrations.

Blue Heron medicine have been showing up for me.

The painting bellow has brought the spirit of the dolphin and the mermaid of love and transformation, therefore bringing forth Mother Goddess Isis.

I surrender. I trust life. I trust myself with the choices I make in my physical ACTIONS and the responses to those actions.

I AM Divine Love.
Mother Goddess Isis.
If you would like a Soul painting Reading you can send me a message at (@)

I am sharing a video from Snatam Kaur at Sat Nam Fest.
I just received it on my inbox today! Love synchronicity.
Very loving and healing.

"The angels are listening.
God is listening.
I am listening."

Thursday, 17 March 2016

I write

On the cover of my journal. I write.
Hello there!
The Maiden has taken over me. Feeling the Spring.

After the birth of my planner, I have just had the energies of writing growing and growing.

I bought this journal and started writing just before the planner was born.

I Write ~ is born.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Celebrate the light of truth!

Hello dear one!
What an intense energy this New Moon has brought into my awareness.

I have been feeling deep appreciation all this time.
. . . and for the very first time I could say:
I love what I do with all my heart! No matter how hard it might seem to me or how badly I would like to quit my life sometimes.

Unveiling the Truth of my being.
Listening, feeling and following the beats of my heart.
Learning to be an empty vessel. At the speed of thought!

Week 11 on my planner.

Return to innocence.
Celebrate the Light of Truth!

I came across this video:
New Earth Destiny. An Anastasia Inspired Documentary Film.
Anastasia book series author, Vladimir Megre.
"The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. You are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation."
— Anastasia

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mother Goddess loves you. Welcome March!

Hello there!

What a powerful and strong felt Waning Moon has been for me at this time.

Triggers that emerged so strongly in a way never felt before.
They have been giving me the opportunity to look so deeply at myself in a complete different way.

And the truth is that the Goddess energy loves you. It just want to teach you.

It took me to the point where I couldn't take it any longer. I couldn't scape myself but to see the real thing.
Yes, I tried so resist it. Why you resist? Because you have no idea what to do about it in the moment.
I fought it.
In truth? It didn't work!! Instead it hit me rock bottom.

I then, faced it. I felt it with all the truth of my being, where I met the real shadow. The reality of what I didn't want to see.

Mother Goddess loves you. Welcome March!
March on my planner.
The planner has been a wonderful tool since it helps set up the tone for the whole week. Magic Love.

Week 10 on my planner.

I let go the old.
Allowing the space for the new things learned to be embraced.
Feeling the love.

I let go!

Shadows, shadows
the heart hears
Feeling the fire
allowing tears.

I let go the old!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Full moon on my journal

I release.
I surrender.

Full Moon on my journal. I release.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Divine planner

This past week I have been called to create a planner. No idea how it is going to be but here I go. I have just painted the front and back cover.
I have started a few pages and the way I am moving through it is with divine collage.
I will be sharing more of it later.

Divine Collage journey: Divine Collage

Divine planner front cover.

Planner back cover.