Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Divine collage. Today's message

Express your mood. Preserve the power of caring. Let's keep it strong and fresh.

Divine collage has become one of my daily practices. I feel very passionate about it.

It takes the lead on my every day life guiding me or on transmutation during the times of deep distress within myself.

I am sharing today's message:

"Express your mood. Preserve the power of caring. Let's keep it strong and fresh."

Relationships are essential in your live. They are a shortcut to expansion.

They reflect back the dominant vibrations within you.

Your relationships are the loudest reflections of your own vibration density present within your being. Everything that is unhealed about you is going to come to the surface in your relationships.

When a negative feeling or a low vibration feeling like sadness, guilt, fear arrives into your field they are a sign that something deep within you wants to come into the light and needs your care.

Those feelings are not to be ignored.
Acknowledging those feelings is a great way to keep alive Self love and caring for yourself. A way to renew, keep strong and fresh the relationship with yourself and others.

All relationships are a gift!

Getting into your feelings and allowing Self love:

1. Notice what is that makes you feel that way. It can be a word you might have hear from that one other person and it might have hurt your feelings. That one word is a magical key to one step deeper to your freedom into the light.

2. Acknowledge the feeling/s to yourself.

3. Focus on your body not your mind.

4. Give some love to your body. Feeling the feelings of whatever might arrive at that moment. Allowing the feelings to flow through your body.

5. Expressing yourself in anyway like DIVINE COLLAGE, painting, dancing, singing . . .

6. Journal about your experience.

7. Allow a positive word to emerge into your consciousness.

I AM LIGHT by India Arie.

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