Thursday, 4 June 2015

My new handmade menstrual pads

Handmade menstrual pads

I am so excited about my new handmade menstrual pads!

They make me feel more connected to the truth of who I really am. They make me feel more connected to my body.

I am sharing bellow the creation of the pads.

Don't miss the video at the end of the post from "Eco femme" about cloth washable pads.

Making the pads:
I have created a measure for a day/medium size pad. You can still play and create different sizes. 

. Cereal box cardboard
. Scissors
. Marker
. Pins
. Needle
. Thread
. Snaps
. Flannel cotton

* Different kind of fabrics to explore:
Flannel - light absorbent
Terry cloth - medium absorbent
Zorb - super absorbent


1.) Outline the templates on the cardboard. Cut them out.

Cardboard templates.

2.) Trace the cardboard templates on the cotton tissue. Cut them out.

The one on the left is the inside tissue or what goes inside of the pad. You will need about 3 to 4 for one pad.

The one on the right is the outside or the cover of the pad. You will need two, one for the bottom and one for top of the pad.

Cotton tissues cutouts.

3.) Bring together the 3 or 4 pieces of the inside cotton tissue. Arrange them one over the other. Add pins to hold them in place.

Inside cotton tissues holding together.

4.) Sew the 3 or 4 pieces through the middle of the tissue to hold them in place.

Sewing the tissues together.

5.) Sew the tissues around the border.

  The inside of the pad is ready.

6.) Add one of the tissue with wings on bottom as bellow. Repeat as above: sew in the middle and on the border of the inside tissue to hold everything in place

Add the outside cotton tissue.

7.) Now add the other tissue with wings as bellow and sew the two end borders together leaving a few centimeters off.

Turn the inside out.

Add and sew the two tissues with wings together.

After turning the inside out.

8.) Finish the sewing.

Sewing is finished.

9.) Add the snaps at the end of the wings.

Measure the position of the snaps on the wings of the pad then sew them on place.

Snaps on the pad!

Bottom of pad on the left. Top of pad on the right.

To fold the pad hold inward one corner . . .

. . . now the other corner . . .

. . . hold inward one wing . . .

. . . now the other wing. Close the snaps in place.

Eco femme video on cloth washable pads.

Washing the pads:
What are cloth pads:

Websites where to buy cloth pads and cups:
Luna pads
Diva cup

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