Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Divine esence

Winter Solstice and Full Moon. What an intense journey!

A time of darkness. A time of light.

I found myself in a state of inner nothingness. My life wasn't moving in any direction. I felt the darkness of the womb taking over me.

For the first time since long time, I felt sick. My whole body felt as if I was purging the old me. Feeling weak. My body couldn't handle to sit in stillness. I couldn't think. Feeling the fears of experiences orchestrated into my life.

It was then, when I saw for the first time in a different way, the interconnection of body, mind and spirit.

Embracing a new journey.

Winter Solstice and Full Moon ritual.
My whole being kept spinning and spinning into the stars.

Divine Essence.


In Joy and Gratitude.


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