Sunday, 3 April 2016

Healing energies and last quarter ending cycle

Hello dear one!

An ending cycle and a new one to start. That feels exciting!
This last quarter has brought fullness of great blessings. Releasing and healing the old. I have felt a clearing in a deep cellular level.

The Mother archetype came up this time and it left me with deep flow of Love and gratitude.
Feeling a deeper connection within myself, with loved ones and with Mother Earth.

A new way of being wants to be integrated within me.
I allow and I am ready for completion.

Sending tons of LOVE.

Bringing out the wild women. Releasing!

I AM pure Bliss.

Video by Artist Maria Celeste Garcia.
"Healing Tears of the Infinite Mother."

". . . An Ocean of Love From the Womb of the Infinite Cleanses,
Renews, Rejuvenates, Rehabilitates, Regenerates and Heals
Towards Wholeness of Being and Reunion
with Source as it was at the Beginning, Is Now
And Ever Shall Be . . ."

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