Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Day three. Divine collage journey

Hello my dear one!

Welcome to day 3 of the 3 days Divine collage journey.

On day one we worked on body awareness and on day two we focused on your inner sight.

Today on day three we are bringing everything together in order to bring your inner vision into your three dimensional space.

"The game to discover
your itinerary Golden Road."
Divine collage:
"The game to discover
your itinerary Golden Road."

Let's start by connecting with your breathing, body and feelings or what we called on day two, the focal point, while bringing all the images on the paper. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you on the page as you glue them into place.
Decorate and paint the page if you feel like.

After you have finished the collage, notice how you feel about it.
Maybe you might want to journal.

Does the message on the collage needs to make sense?
Not that all and that's the beauty of it. Just trust.

It doesn't have to look beautiful. It just have to be what it have to be and allow the healing from within.

Congratulations! You have now channeled your soul's magic and brought it into your three dimensional reality.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey and feel free to share any thoughts or your own journey.

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