Monday, 30 November 2015

Mother Goddess Isis

On my journal. Mother Goddess Isis.

 "I am the mighty
Mother Isis;
I am She who
fights not,
but is always Victorious.

I am the world's desire,
but few there be
who find me.
Isis am I,
and from my life
are fed all showers
and suns,
all moons that wax
and wane,
all stars and
the living and the dead,
the mystery of pleasure
and of pain.
I am the Mother.
I the speaking sea.
I am the earth in its fertility.
Life, death,
love, hatred,
light, darkness,
return to me.
I am the love and
life of the Divine.
Life, death,
love, hatred,
light, darkness,
are surely mine."

I hope you enjoy this video.
Video "Egyptian Goddess - Isis by Katy Noura Butler."

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