Sunday, 15 November 2015

Day two. Divine collage journey

Hello my dear one!

Welcome to day 2 of the 3 days Divine collage journey.

On day one we worked on body awareness.

Today we will go deeper into the journey. Allowing your inner eye to take place.

"Plunge your
authentic inner travel adventure."
Divine collage:
"Plunge your authentic inner travel adventure."

After gathering all the materials from day one, you might want to find a quiet and comfortable place to work on. A place big enough to get messy.
Adding some music of your choice could help you get inspired and relax.

Let's begin by bringing an intention into the journey. Something that will be with you during this inward time. That intention could be love, gratitude, freedom, etc.

While connecting inward with your breathing, body and feelings, as on day one, look at your visual materials like magazines . . . This will be your focal point.

Now, start by sorting out your visual materials, magazines, books or anything you have found and start cutting out images, words, letters and/or anything that calls your attention.
This part can take as much time as you need. You can always leave this space, go to your daily routine and come back later.

When you are in your focal point, it will help you to not overthink what you are doing and to get out of your own way. It is a practice!

Once you have finished to select the images and/or words play with them as bringing them together like a puzzle.

Using discernment is a very big step in this process.
You can keep the left overs for other collages later.

On day three we are going to bring your inner vision into your three dimensional space.

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